For over two decades, my passion has been finding the most pure, potent, organic/nonGMO health products on the market. I work with supplements targeting deep cellular nutrition, immune support, detox, gut health, mental clarity/memory, muscle growth, better sleep, anti-aging, nutrition for children, pets, and much more. With these powerful health formulations, I lead body/mind/spirit health transformations for groups and individuals. I use this as a foundation to coach others who are interested in how to leverage online product promotion to completely revolutionize their financial lives as well.



Our first pillar of empowerment is our physical health and how it affects our overall mental and emotional experience. These days we have to remember to balance our modern lifestyle with nature for it’s life-giving connection. Unless we are master herbalists or live along a pristine river, we must turn to trustworthy natural health products if we want optimal health.


Even when we eat well, and include lots of veggies, fruits, minimal gluten and dairy, and well cared for animals if we so choose, most of us are still deficient in the nutrition we need on a daily basis. This is due to poor agricultural practices and a lack of variety that would offer a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals. While making good food choices is paramount, fully bioavailable organic whole plant supplements ensure that we are receiving all we need to keep our bodies properly fueled and protected. 



Focusing on high nutrition is a great start, but it still remains that we live in one of the most toxic cultures in history. Therefore, ongoing cleansing has become a necessary part of a healthy lifestyle. Most vegetables and grains that are not labeled organic have been genetically modified to withstand the harsh pesticides and herbicides sprayed on them. Most meats that are not labeled organic contain growth hormones and antibiotics to keep the animals alive in inhumane conditions. These chemicals can not be washed off or cooked out of our food, and they can build up in our bodies to carcinogenic levels. They damage our gut wall which negatively impacts our ability to absorb nutrients, have a strong immune response, and produce serotonin, the happy hormone. 


Our second pillar of thriving is financial security that allows us the freedom to enjoy a lifestyle that serves and inspires us. My specialty is ongoing guidance for those motivated to create residual income with complete time/location freedom. This self development journey can support us in all areas of life and gives us the ability to live authentically and in congruence with who we are and how we earn income. Since 2004, I’ve done this myself and helped hundreds of others receive residual income of $10K+ a month online promoting the organic health products we love from ethical, eco-friendly, mission-driven companies rooted in social justice.

Here are some of the perks in this new paradigm:

  • We are our own boss!
  • We make our own schedule!
  • We decide who we work with!
  • We can work from home or anywhere with internet!
  • We don’t have to be great at sales!
  • We have daily training and support zooms!
  • We can create virtually unlimited income!
  • We can create residual income that’s passive after we retire and continues to our heirs after we pass!
  • We experience excellent mentorship, personal growth and development!
  • We are part of a like-minded company-wide community with a supportive family vibe!
  • We have a healthy lifestyle using some of the best products on the market!
  • We can start part time and transition from our current job!
  • We have no educational requirements!
  • We aren’t limited by discrimination of any kind!
  • We can build diverse, international organizations!
  • We have low start up and overhead costs!
  • We have no inventory or shipping requirements!
  • We have great tax write-offs!
  • We are in a reciprocal business model where helping others helps us!
  • We are part of a new paradigm moving towards strengthening community, not large corporations!
  • We have fun and beautiful conventions where we come together and meet each other!
  • We make new friends we wouldn’t have otherwise met!
  • We have fun!



Do all these perks seem too good to be true?

Here’s the truth: with good training, anyone can succeed in this  business. In fact, the Network Marketing industry has doubled in the last 10 years, and many believe it is the wave of the future. This business is simple, but not necessarily easy. It’s a very rewarding personal growth path of developing confidence, self discipline, and excellent communication skills. It requires that we practice stepping beyond our egoic fears, personal agenda and impulse to inform others, and instead, sit back, ask good questions and authentically listen for how we can be of service. We are in a relationship business, so the personal growth and communication skills we learn here can improve all areas of our lives.

Thanks for reading this far! Let’s talk if you’re interested in hearing more…