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Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation + Immune (above described products enough for taking twice a day)

Core 4 + Immune (package in the photo above)

Purium Promise

Purium knows we are what we eat. Literally. If we really want to look and feel great, high nutrition is a priority. But even if we spend the time and money to shop and prepare organic food, we’re often still not getting high levels of nutrition due to exhausted soils and long shipping. Purium makes organic condensed nutrition easily accessible and affordable for the modern person on the go who understands the value of pure and premium fuel for our bodies.

Organic Superfoods

Superfoods are rare fruits and vegetables that have condensed nutrition. Historically these foods have been revered, protected and even kept only for royalty or warriors in need of extra strength and endurance. Now that we have access to these health elixirs, we also know the importance of growing and processing them organically with no herbicides or pesticides. In addition, Purium has a proprietary cold drying system that allows the enzymes in these precious superfoods to stay “alive.”


The Power Shake is delicious! One glass contains 6 servings of organic bioavailable veggies with live enzymes and organic vegan protein from amaranth and quinoa.


Super Amino 23 supplements are vegan protein that’s pre-digested so that it is almost 100% bio-available within 23 minutes, as opposed to meat which often takes days, is not nearly as bio-available, and often contains growth hormones and antibiotics. Being that this supplement is pre-digested, it goes straight into the bloodstream to support the muscles and does not cause any burden on the organs. It assists the body in transitioning from a catabolic state (stressed and breaking down/aging) into an anabolic state where weight loss comes from fat (which envelops toxins) instead of muscle loss. This product is in the Physicians Desk Reference for use with coma patients to keep their muscles from deteriorating. ***Between this and the shake, you get all your daily requirements!***


Biome Medic is the only supplement on the market that cleanses glyphosate, the carcinogenic chemical in Round Up that causes bloating due to inflammation and deteriorates the gut wall. Gut health is crucial for absorption of nutrients and is our first line of immune defense. And it is the main source of serotonin, the happy hormone! 🙂 This is a MUST HAVE!


ZinC-ade is an immune support supplement that gives us 100-150% daily Zinc and Essential Vitamins A, C, D, and E. It is sourced from organic whole plants and therefore 100% bioavailable, unlike most supplements found in stores. These 5 nutrients are necessary for a strong immune system and were shown deficient in most people who had poor immune response to Covid. This is a MUST HAVE!


Apothe-Cherry is condensed tart cherry syrup high in anti-inflammatory antioxidants and the only food known to contain naturally occuring melatonin. These properties work synergistically to help us get deep sleep to rest, repair, and rejuvenate. It also has phyto-chemicals to help balance circadian rhythms, support comfortable joint function and promote healthy uric acid metabolism.

So much more

Purium has over 60 organic superfood products with targeted purposes such as adrenal support, mental focus, memory, weight loss, joint support, hair/skin/nails, anti aging, CBD, nutrition for athletes, children, pets, and much more.