Water Ionizers

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Enagic Kangen Water Ionizers

Our body is at least 70% water, just like our planet, so it’s crucial we are responsible with both. The majority of us are dehydrated – the ultimate source of our body’s aging and illness. Yet many of us overlook the importance of water, or our need for healthy water. But the fact is, WATER IS OUR GREATEST MEDICINE.

Compare Waters

Tap water, bottled water, spring water, and reverse osmosis water – not the best for your health, your wallet, or your  planet. Tap water is often filled with rust from old pipes, and chemicals, like chlorine and fluoride, that are intentionally added by the city. But more and more, studies are showing high amounts of chemicals from pharmaceutical drugs and other pollutants as well. Spring water is better, but still at risk for some of these pollutants, as well as more expensive to deliver monthly than a Kangen payment plan. Plastic bottled water is nearly poisonous due to the leaching of plastic chemicals into the water. Moreover, it is absolutely heinous for the environment because of the garbage and politically alarming because large corporations are buying and monopolizing large water sources. 

Why is Kangen Better?

“KANGEN” MEANS RETURN TO SOURCE. Kangen Ionizers restructure water to mimic water that would be found in a pristine rushing river of glacier melt – pure, alkaline, hydrogen rich, “reduced” water. Reduced water is more absorptive because the molecules of the water have been separated. In addition, Kangen Ionizers create water with 5 different alkalinity levels and high antioxidants without any additives. These medicinal qualities are all accomplished by restructuring the water molecule H20. In fact, ENAGIC KANGEN IONIZERS ARE MEDICAL GRADE EQUIPMENT and used throughout all hospitals in Japan.

How is this possible?

Within the Kangen Ionizer, water runs through platinum plates with very high electrical charge. This “electrolysis” separates the molecules and enables the  restructure. This is a modern way of recreating the “alive” nature of water as it is in a rushing mountain stream. The friction of the molecules creates the white water as can be seen fresh out of the ionizer. Other ionizers on the market use electrolysis as well but Enagic’s  Kangen Ionizers are able to utilize higher levels of electricity because they use platinum plates.

Life-changing health benefits

Proper hydration is the single most important thing we can do for our body. All our biological systems need water to function well. When water sits in pipes or bottles, the molecules begin to clump together and are less easy to absorb. Therefore “reduced” water is key for our health. Alkalinity protects bone strength, mitigates inflammation, and creates an environment in our body where diseases like cancer cannot survive. Antioxidants disarm dangerous free radicals that damage other cells and spark illness and degeneration. There are as many electrical antioxidants in one cup of Kangen water as there are in 3 lbs of blueberries!